Covid -19 Policy

The safety of our guests is particularly important to us. We receive excellent feedback from our guests about the cleanliness of La Residence, but because of Covid-19 we are doing even more.


Below is the cleaning regime that we will put in place until the French government tells us that we are safe from Covid-19. We will regularly check official advice from The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the French government about the safe operation of our bed and breakfast and update these procedures as necessary.


Normally we clean your bathroom, empty your rubbish bins and make your bed every day. We dust and vacuum in the common areas and scrub the floors every other day. If you stay with us now, here's what we'll do to help protect you.



  • Your room will be cleaned, first with soap and water and then all hard surfaces will be wiped with disinfectant (containing 70% alcohol). We will wear a mask and gloves during the cleaning. Hard surfaces will include door handles, window frames and latches, keys, bedside tables, lamps, tables, chairs, TV controller and floors. New cleaning cloths will be used for each room and will be washed at 60 degrees.
  • All bedding, including mattress protectors and pillows, will be washed at 60 degrees and dried in a hot dryer. Your bedding will only be handled by Lisa or Richard, who will wear a mask. The bed will be made just before check-in to allow for airing of the bed.
  • We will wash and disinfect the hallway, the breakfast room and the stairs every day. We will disinfect the handrails of the stairs twice a day.
  • A 70% alcohol hand sanitizer will be available on each floor and we will encourage our guests to use it when they have been outside. Soap is provided in each bathroom.


  • Breakfast will be served in the garden, with 1.5 meters between each table. We will prepare your breakfast wearing a mask and we will serve each table individually. There will be no buffet.
  • Alternatively, we will prepare your breakfast and bring it to your room. We will simply knock on your door at an agreed time and leave it outside. 

Arrival and payment

  •  We usually meet all our guests at check-in. If you prefer to check in alone, let us know before you arrive and we will send you the key code and room information. We will need your credit card details for this service to be available.
  • We accept cash, cheque and credit cards. If you have booked directly, we will already have your credit card details. We will process your payment online and send you your receipt by email. Receipts for cash or cheque  payments will also be emailed to customers.

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