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The Aveyron river is a beautiful spot for a few hours canoeing , experience necessary. There are various companies to choose but you always canoe down river and get picked up at an pre-determined site and driven back to St Antonin. There are lots of places you can stop along the bank for a picnic and expect to see plenty of birds. When booking your canoe trip, mention that you are staying at La Résidence for a 10% discount.




There are four climbing sections in the area with various levels of difficulty: Amiel, Roc d'Anglar, Manjo-carn and Super Manjoc. 


There is more information on these specific climbs here: http://www.rockclimbing.com/routes/Europe/France/14-_Western_and_SW_France/St-Antonin_Noble_Val/


For organised climbs or to hire equipment, the local company Nature Escapade can help you out.




There are lots of walking routes around St Antonin for all levels of fitness. We can lend you maps of the main marked walks.


To help plan your routes, there is more information here: https://www.routeyou.com/en-fr/location/walk/47257032/walking-in-saint-antonin-noble-val-overview-of-all-walking-and-hiking-routes


If you would prefer a guided walk, local guide Marie-Claude Lafiltole will take you on local half day walk including a picnic. Please find more information here: http://myfrenchpass.com/what-we-do-workshop/


2h Walking Tour of St Antonin

St Antonin Noble Val developed around the 8th century with an abbey located between the English Aquitaine and French Languedoc, in the heart of the Occitan territory. Our historic medieval town is packed with architectural secret treasures and a diverse and diverse political and social culture.This excellent walking tour takes you around the village explaining the centuries of history and showing you the architecture of significance.


The tours are conducted in English or French and Spanish and Portuguese is also spoken.


The price is 75€ for the tour and can cater for up to 10 people. If you are interested in a tour but would like to join a group, Lisa or Richard would be happy to contact other BnB's to find additional participants.


Ask Lisa or Richard to book a tour or contact Marie-Claude at https://www.facebook.com/mc.lafitole

Horse Riding

There is a large stable 15kms from St Antonin that offers hikes in a number of locations for all levels of rider. The countryside of this area is beautiful and if you are a rider, this is a great way to appreciate its charms.



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