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We're probably a little biased, but Saint Antonin Noble Val is the perfect place to visit the South West of France by combining activity in and around the town as well as short scenic drives to neighboring towns and villages. 



Saint Antonin Noble Val is a fabulous location for all kinds of outdoor activities, including canoeing, walking, cycling and climbing, under clear skies and stunning scenery. The village itself is a charming, well-preserved town dating back to the 14th century, with its narrow, picturesque streets, cobbled restaurants and cafes, ideal for soaking up the atmosphere and reimagining its captivating history. Its Sunday market is one of the best in the region. The photogenic Gorges de l'Aveyron are a pleasant setting for a picnic lunch, a gentle stroll along the river or a drive through local villages.



Cahors, located an hour's motorway from St Antonin, invites you to visit its large Saturday market and cross the famous Valentré bridge, listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. Built in the 14th century, it took almost 70 years to complete. Tradition says that its construction was delayed by a broken promise between the foreman and the devil. Cahors is home to the Saint-Etienne Cathedral, also registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because it is located on the paths to St Jacques de Compostela.



A 20-minute drive from St Antonin, Caussade has been famous for its hat factories since the 19th century. The hat museum located in the Tourist Office is well worth an hour's visit. It tells the story of the manufacture of headgear, from the first straw hats through the industrial revolution and up to today's globalization. Every Monday, Caussade deploys its large market of local products in its city center.



Montauban is located approximately 45 minutes’ drive from St Antonin. It has a pretty old arcaded square surrounded by pretty cafes and boutiques, including the Galeries Lafayette. It's a great place for shopping and gift shopping or just for a stroll. Get off the beaten track by visiting the nostalgic childhood museum filled with toys from all eras.



About an hour from St Antonin, this picturesque village is built on the edge of the Lot valley. Although small, the village is nonetheless worth the detour, as you can stroll through its charming streets and visit its small museums. For art enthusiasts, the Rignault museum is a typical house of the region, wonderfully restored and presenting, in addition to a very interesting art collection, a small garden with a unique view of the valley.



About 45 minutes from St Antonin, the small town of Gaillac is located in the heart of the wine region that bears its name. The special flavor of Gaillac wines results from the combination of a warm Mediterranean climate, the humid supply of the Atlantic Ocean and the Autan wind, coming from Africa. Very close to Gaillac, the Château de Mauriac is an interesting place to explore where the view from the gardens over the vineyards allows you to appreciate the importance of wine-growing activity for the entire region. Many castles offer exciting visits accompanied, of course, by tastings.



Villefranche-de-Rouergue is located on the banks of the Aveyron, a 40-minute drive from St Antonin. It was founded in 1252 to strengthen the commercial network of this region and the characteristic chessboard layout of its streets is organized to lead to the Gothic and Renaissance arcades of its main square as well as to the Notre-Dame collegiate church. In summer, the dynamic and well-documented tourist office organizes excellent guided tours - also in English - and, out of season, provides audio guides to accompany your visits.



About an hour's drive from St Antonin, Albi was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010. It houses the excellent Toulouse-Lautrec museum in the Palais de la Berbie, near the Sainte-Cécile cathedral. The museum offers the world's largest collection of works by Toulouse-Lautrec and the gardens of the Palais de la Berbie, perfectly designed and maintained, are a nice place to take a break before starting the visit to the Sainte-Cécile cathedral and then the rest from the city. 



Cordes is only a 30-minute drive from St Antonin. This very beautiful little town perched on its promontory was built in 1222 to defend the northern part of the county of Toulouse. It rises 100 meters above the surrounding plain. Beautifully preserved, it is a lovely place to visit all year round to appreciate its unique atmosphere. Stroll around the town and visit the small shops offering products made by local artisans. Cordes is also an ideal place to take photos of both the town and its surroundings. 

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