13. May 2020
Nous vivons dans une belle région du Sud-Ouest de la France, une campagne magnifique, de l'air frais et un grand ciel bleu. Ce blog explore quelques-unes des villes à visiter autour de St Antonin Noble Val.
19. April 2020
Stay in the unspoiled medieval village of Saint Antonin Noble Val in South West France and take a short picturesque drive through stunning countryside and stroll around these enchanting towns.
25. March 2020
Sebastian Faulks wrote three world war novels, the last one Charlotte Gray was made into a film, shot in St Antonin Noble Val, South West France. I explore all three novels, the film and some of my villages wartime history.
16. February 2020
Here in Saint Antonin Noble Val, South West France, Spring is just around the corner. We are surrounded by magnificent and beautiful villages that are ready for you to explore.
06. January 2020
Time passes very differently running a bed and breakfast compared to a 'regular' organisation and we have spent this winter preparing for next season. Read on to see what we have been up to.
08. May 2019
St Antonin Noble Val has been our home since July 2018, when we purchased La Résidence, a luxury bed and breakfast, a few minutes walk from the centre of the village. We love our new life here, in a quaint medieval village surrounded by beautiful countryside. Here a list of 10 things you’ll want to know about St Antonin Noble Val 1. The village is named after Antoninus of Pamiers, a Spanish missionary who brought Christianity to the area circa 305. He was martyred in his home town, where he...
04. September 2018
5 things I've learnt about running a bed and breakfast in France. Wonderful guests, great conversations, lots of washing, cleaning and cooking but definitely loving our new life in France.
19. June 2018
Our story of our move to France from Melbourne, Australia to run a bed and breakfast. We are (almost) living the dream life in South West France after a long journey here. This blog tells you how we made the decision to start a new life.

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