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Saint Antonin Noble Val · 08. March 2024
Eleven Fascinating Insights into Saint Antonin Noble Val: Your Gateway to French Countryside Adventure in 2024
Discover the charm of Saint Antonin Noble Val, a village where history meets cinematic stardom. Since 2018, it's been home to La Résidence, a boutique B&B. Learn about its intriguing past, from the legacy of a Spanish missionary to its role in movie magic. Explore the leather trade's legacy and unique storage lofts. Uncover remnants of an ancient abbey, timber testaments, and a walnut wonderland. Delve into the mystery of La Résidence's history and savour the incredible Sunday market.
De magnifiques paysages, de l'air frais et des villes fascinantes à visiter
Nous vivons dans une belle région du Sud-Ouest de la France, une campagne magnifique, de l'air frais et un grand ciel bleu. Ce blog explore quelques-unes des villes à visiter autour de St Antonin Noble Val.
One Hundred Foot Journey · 23. February 2024
One Hundred Foot Journey
A review of a One Hundred Foot Journey, the film directed by Lasse Hallström and set in the French village of Saint Antonin Noble Val and the novel by Richard C. Morais.
Holidays in South West France · 16. February 2024
Quaint French villages to visit in South West France
Here in Saint Antonin Noble Val, South West France, Spring is just around the corner. We are surrounded by magnificent and beautiful villages that are ready for you to explore.

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